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The Chimaera Project

Dove sits on the board of directors for this wonderful non-profit working to build equity in the entertainment industry for people identifying as female.  He is also the fundraising chair.  


Apex Protection Project (Wolf Sanctuary)

Apex Sanctuary has been in service for years and has an incredible staff of volunteers, which Dove is a part of, that takes care of the wolf pack they have as well as rescuing wolves and wolf-dogs who are in harm. They are also very active nationally fighting for the rights and well being of wolves. 


Xela Aid (Mayan Villages in Guatemala)

Xela Aid has been raising funds and bringing volunteers from around the world to the Mayan Community of Xela in the heart of Guatemala for decades. Dove has been down to Xela a few times and helped build a school, store, install running water and all kinds projects to help the community grow.


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