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Voice Over Animation ReelDove Meir
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Nominated for Best Actor

Burbank Film Festival

Dove has guest starred on NCIS, NCIS:LA, DIG and more. Currently he's working on a few acclaimed video games doing motion capture and voice over which are under NDAs. He's most recently been in "On the Verge" on Netflix and celebrated the premiere of the feature, "Back to Lyla", where he had a supporting role. You can see him on most streaming platforms as the antagonist in "House of Demons" distributed by Smith Global as well as several festival favorite short films. 

 Midnight Suns

Marvel's newest video game, Midnight Suns, is making a huge splash in the industry and Dove had the privilege of doing the Performance Capture for Captain America and for Iron Man through the game's cinematics. 

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 The NCIS team believes Vincent Lee (Dove Meir) is the man behind the illegal computer code threatening the nation's security. It turns out he's an agent from another bureau after the same villain. In the end he helps them capture their man.


On The Verge

Dove was brought on to the show to play Trevor across from Julie Delpy. 


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Recurring in several episodes on the USA Network series, “Dig” as Rami across from Golden Globe nominee Jason Isaacs and Emmy Award winner Anne Heche.



Motion Capture and Voiceover for "Anton" was done by Dove as well as voiceover and Mo-cap for several other characters throughout the game.

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Special Agent Mantel (Dove Meir) travels to a secret location to meet an informant and gets more than he bargained for. Now Gibbs has to figure out which side Mantel was  truly on.

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Mark Brooks (Dove Meir) takes his son out late one night and disappears for ten years.

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ncis column.jpg

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Coming soon...

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